Do You Really Need A Sedu Hair Straightener?

Let’s face it, everyone seems to be jumping on the Sedu hair straightener bandwagon after seeing stars like Jennifer Anniston with perfectly straight hair and finding out her stylist uses the Sedu brand hair iron.

But, do you really need to pay the extra money for the Sedu name or will a less expensive model give you just as great (or maybe even better) results?

The answer is a resounding NO; you don’t need the Sedu brand to get great straight hair as any decent hair straightener will work just as well provided your hair is healthy.

In fact, you could still use the old clothes iron method of straightening your hair if you wanted to although I wouldn’t recommend it given the ease of use of the new hair straightener products available today.

The key to getting the Sedu look for less is to look for a hair straightener with the following key features:

Ceramic Plates – To get great straight hair you want a straightener with ceramic plates instead of metal as ceramic is much smoother and won’t pull your hair plus it distributes heat more evenly and infuses your hair with moisture.

Another benefit is the ionic and infrared effects of ceramic that help to protect your hair from the high temperatures of the iron. Tourmaline infused into the ceramic plates would be a plus as they generate more negative ions but is not absolutely necessary.

Variable Heat Settings – The most important thing when straightening your hair is to use the correct heat level. This will be different for everyone so it’s important to choose a model with at least three heat level settings. If the iron is too hot it will dry your hair out and a too cool iron will not give you a very long lasting hairstyle.

Fast Heat Up Times – Some models heat up in less than 30 seconds but if you can wait a minute or so for the iron to heat you can save money by buying a less expensive hair straightener.

Light Weight – If you will use your straightener often consider the weight as lighter models make styling hair much easier.

Ceramic Plate Widths – For most hair a plate width of 1.5 inches is fine but if you have extra long hair you might want to consider a model with 2 inch plates.

When you get right down to it you can find a nice hair straightener for much less than the Sedu model that will give you great results without breaking the bank. Just spend a little time shopping around and read as many reviews as you can and you just could end up not only looking great but a little wealthier as well.