My Hair Straightener Will Not Work Any More

Hair irons or straighteners are named depending on how you commonly know them. In the hair industry I always get told of people’s problems they experience with hair straighteners. People’s experiences seem to vary from one customer having a robust pair they purchased three years ago. I had another customer who owned a pair that suddenly broke within the first few months of ownership to an even worse case just a few weeks outside of the manufacturers guarantee.

If the hair iron is inside the makers guarantee simply send it back. Most manufacturers who are reputable will replace the straightener on receiving with a like for like pair. You may not get the full box or included heat matt or other accessories but generally speaking you will have a new unboxed pair issued to you. I always tell my clients do not worry if you do not have the original purchase receipt as often the hair straightener manufacturer will hold a database with a list of each hair straightener this usually lists its made date and when it was resold to a distributor. If there are no major discrepancies the manufacturer will replace the faulty hair iron.

This is a little more difficult when the hair straightener is out of warranty. The maker is not obliged to replace the faulty item, but may do in any case depending on the fault at their discretion. Before you contact the manufacturer try change the fuse is the straightener is completely not working, replace with the equivalent rated fuse from a good electrical or hardware shop, some fuses you by may be broke so try a couple in a pack to find out if it’s the fuse or not.

Straighteners are made up of different components these include the heating plates an element and a control board. In the United Kingdom there are white goods appliance maintenance companies which also fix hair straighteners and offer a repair service. They can source the defective element and replace it for a fraction of the cost of re-buying another pair from your local salon. If the hair straightener has power to it but one plate is not heating then this plate can be replaced. This same rule applies if both are heating but strange beeping or flashing is occurring this usually means the control mechanism needs replacing. A good white goods specialist can source parts for you or may use reconditioned parts from other units. In the end you can prolong the life of your hair straightening investment.