Farouk CHI – The Best Flat Hair Iron

If you’re looking for a special device that will help you in managing and styling your hair, then the Farouk CHI is for you. It is the best flat hair iron that you can find in the market today and it gives you a wide variety of choices in models, designs and prices.

For simple needs and everyday use, you can get the plain Farouk model which is made of ceramic hot plates and equipped with an on/off switch. It will only cost you about $50 and you can choose from elegant colors of red, blue and black. This has a normal temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit and it remains in this setting throughout the styling process. You should not worry about any burnt smell or texture however, as the ceramic materials on the gadget protects your hair from being damaged.

If you have a higher budget for your hairstyling tools, you might also consider getting a digital flat hairstyling iron device. With a digital functionality, you can choose the exact settings that you want when managing and fixing your tresses. The temperature controls are more-wide range and you can even choose to have a Fahrenheit or Celsius program if it will be more helpful to you. Moreover, the unit is also versatile as it is also capable in creating styles of curls and flips aside from the normal purpose of straightening.

For best results, you should also make it a habit to use thermal protection products which can come in the form of sprays and creams. The spray types can be applied by sectioning your hair in bunches and then spraying evenly on all parts while the cream types can be applied by using your hands to go through your hair while it is still a little damp. This procedure will give an extra protection as frequent direct contact with heat can strip the hair of oil and moisture that is necessary to keep it healthy and shiny.

Choosing the right product is of utmost importance too; you should not just go out and buy any cheap ironing tools that you see in retail shops and department stores. Keep in mind that the best flat hair iron should be made of ceramic materials as other components may cause a burning effect that will damage your hair.

My Hair Straightener Will Not Work Any More

Hair irons or straighteners are named depending on how you commonly know them. In the hair industry I always get told of people’s problems they experience with hair straighteners. People’s experiences seem to vary from one customer having a robust pair they purchased three years ago. I had another customer who owned a pair that suddenly broke within the first few months of ownership to an even worse case just a few weeks outside of the manufacturers guarantee.

If the hair iron is inside the makers guarantee simply send it back. Most manufacturers who are reputable will replace the straightener on receiving with a like for like pair. You may not get the full box or included heat matt or other accessories but generally speaking you will have a new unboxed pair issued to you. I always tell my clients do not worry if you do not have the original purchase receipt as often the hair straightener manufacturer will hold a database with a list of each hair straightener this usually lists its made date and when it was resold to a distributor. If there are no major discrepancies the manufacturer will replace the faulty hair iron.

This is a little more difficult when the hair straightener is out of warranty. The maker is not obliged to replace the faulty item, but may do in any case depending on the fault at their discretion. Before you contact the manufacturer try change the fuse is the straightener is completely not working, replace with the equivalent rated fuse from a good electrical or hardware shop, some fuses you by may be broke so try a couple in a pack to find out if it’s the fuse or not.

Straighteners are made up of different components these include the heating plates an element and a control board. In the United Kingdom there are white goods appliance maintenance companies which also fix hair straighteners and offer a repair service. They can source the defective element and replace it for a fraction of the cost of re-buying another pair from your local salon. If the hair straightener has power to it but one plate is not heating then this plate can be replaced. This same rule applies if both are heating but strange beeping or flashing is occurring this usually means the control mechanism needs replacing. A good white goods specialist can source parts for you or may use reconditioned parts from other units. In the end you can prolong the life of your hair straightening investment.

Do You Really Need A Sedu Hair Straightener?

Let’s face it, everyone seems to be jumping on the Sedu hair straightener bandwagon after seeing stars like Jennifer Anniston with perfectly straight hair and finding out her stylist uses the Sedu brand hair iron.

But, do you really need to pay the extra money for the Sedu name or will a less expensive model give you just as great (or maybe even better) results?

The answer is a resounding NO; you don’t need the Sedu brand to get great straight hair as any decent hair straightener will work just as well provided your hair is healthy.

In fact, you could still use the old clothes iron method of straightening your hair if you wanted to although I wouldn’t recommend it given the ease of use of the new hair straightener products available today.

The key to getting the Sedu look for less is to look for a hair straightener with the following key features:

Ceramic Plates – To get great straight hair you want a straightener with ceramic plates instead of metal as ceramic is much smoother and won’t pull your hair plus it distributes heat more evenly and infuses your hair with moisture.

Another benefit is the ionic and infrared effects of ceramic that help to protect your hair from the high temperatures of the iron. Tourmaline infused into the ceramic plates would be a plus as they generate more negative ions but is not absolutely necessary.

Variable Heat Settings – The most important thing when straightening your hair is to use the correct heat level. This will be different for everyone so it’s important to choose a model with at least three heat level settings. If the iron is too hot it will dry your hair out and a too cool iron will not give you a very long lasting hairstyle.

Fast Heat Up Times – Some models heat up in less than 30 seconds but if you can wait a minute or so for the iron to heat you can save money by buying a less expensive hair straightener.

Light Weight – If you will use your straightener often consider the weight as lighter models make styling hair much easier.

Ceramic Plate Widths – For most hair a plate width of 1.5 inches is fine but if you have extra long hair you might want to consider a model with 2 inch plates.

When you get right down to it you can find a nice hair straightener for much less than the Sedu model that will give you great results without breaking the bank. Just spend a little time shopping around and read as many reviews as you can and you just could end up not only looking great but a little wealthier as well.