Can Hair Straighteners Damage your Hair?

One of the most common questions I get asked on my website is whether using hair straighteners will cause any short or long term damage on my hair. You don’t need me to tell you that placing anything hot in close proximity to your sensitive hair is going to have some affect. However, what I would like to provide you in this article are some of the facts and figures around the use of hair straighteners which come in to very close contact with your hair as opposed to most hair dryers for example.

The temperature ranges

In order for hair straighteners to work effectively they must be used at high temperatures. A typical hair iron will operate in the range from 100-180+ degrees C. Bear in mind that around 100 degrees it is only hot enough to dry your hair whereas at the top end of the temperature scale it needs to be this hot for especially thick and curly hair. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the temperatures typically used on varying types of hair:

– Drying hair: 80 degrees

– Completely hair: 100 degrees

– Partly damaged hair: 120 degrees

– Slightly damaged hair: 140 degrees

– Ordinary curly hair: 160 degrees

– Curly hair: 180 degrees

– Very thick curly hair: 200 degrees

As you can see the temperature ranges do go to very high levels and without the correct usage or in fact the correct hair iron you can in fact end up damaging your hair are repeated use. However, all this can be avoided by following a number of very simple tips.

– If you are planning to use your hair iron on a regular basis then I suggest you use good ceramic hair oil. This will help lock in additional moisture, which is normally lost through the application of high temperatures.

– Purchase one of the top end hair straighteners which has Infra Red radiation produced from high temperature ceramic plates or Tourmaline. These special plates can help seal the moisture in your hair so that you hair does not loose its condition. Ionic technology breaks down the size of the water molecules on the hairs surface making the molecules smaller and easier for the hair to absorb. As and additional bonus it can improve the condition of you hair.

– Always purchase a hair straightener with exact temperature control settings. Some of the cheaper models may only have a few pre-set temperature settings, which does not help, as you need to be as precise as possible.

– The most expensive hair straightener may not always be the best. Always checkout the many reviews on some of the most popular hair products shopping sites.

– Likewise don’t always go for a cheap deal on auction sites. Some of them are totally useless and you can end up doing real damage to your hair in just a few uses. This tends to happen when straighteners with cheap plates “stick” to your hair during the straightening process.

To put your mind at rest the technology behind hair straighteners has improved significantly over the years. In fact nowadays the use of Tourmaline, which is a precious stone, possesses unique ionic and infrared properties which not only help reduce any heat damage risk but they also leave you with shiny healthy looking hair. This magical material is now used in many of the top-end, and medium price range, hair straighteners. These latest generation hair irons are certainly much more capable and are less likely to do any, short or long term, damage to your hair.

The bottom line is that your hair is very sensitive and you should try and reduce the amount of times you submit it to high temperatures. However the latest generation of hair irons let you straighten your hair in a shorter time and leave your hair straight for longer. This can only be good news for your hair.

About the Author

Andrea Simpson is a self confessed hair straightener fan. She runs her own website devoted to Sedu Flat Irons and other hair straightening devices.

Best Flat Irons for Your Hairstyling

Hair styling tools are always loved and cherished to be owned by women of all ages. Not all are blessed with beautiful straight tresses. And some people can also lose the natural beauty and texture of their hair over time and age. If you wish to retain the same beauty of your hair and look the most attractive in every event or occasion, then a straightening iron is the best choice for you. Now you can say goodbye to the hassles involved in visiting hair salons and spending huge sum there whenever you have the need for styling your hair. Sitting at your home, you can easily straighten or curl your hair quickly within minutes to get ready for any urgent occasion. You can thus conceal your dull and ugly looking hair to those lovely celebrity styles with a good quality styling iron. But you can’t just shop for any of the hair iron available in the market. Since you have to give priority to the health of your hair, be wise when choosing a flat iron for your hair. Pick out the perfect hair straightener that can do the task with minimal effort and hair damages. You cannot risk your hair by using any hair straightener, so be sure that you make the right choice for your hair.

For many, the process of choosing a hair straightener is the most difficult task. But if you have the sense and knowledge of identifying the best flat iron from hundreds and thousands of them crowded in the market, you are saving your hair that is dear to you. Only a professional quality hair straightener can provide the expected results on your hair. It is up to the quality of a hair styling tool that determines the quality of the styling. Hair straighteners of different features and functionalities are being launched every now and then. But choose a ceramic styling tool with safe styling capabilities for the safety of your hair. Chi flat irons with quick styling features are being highly preferred today as it serves to finish with the whole styling process within 25 seconds. That means it is now easier to come out with that salon quality hairstyle within a few seconds.

Titanium Hair Flat Irons Review

Straightening of the hair can be achieved by chemical treatments, but it sometimes can take more than one treatment to get the desired level of straight you want. Also, these chemicals are very harsh on the hair and can damage it. Straightening doesn’t have to be permanent or damaging with titanium hair irons. These irons use the latest technology so that your hair is infused with locked-in moisture that protects it from the high heat temperatures while straightening your hair.

There are many titanium straightening irons being sold today and you can find these flat irons at most places that carry hair care products online. Hair straightening irons are a good choice among women who want that straight look that models in magazines wear. You want to make sure you research titanium hair irons before purchasing because you want to make sure you get the best product for your hair texture. Styling can be easy if you have the best tools possible and use ideal hair products to aid in the styling process. Hairsprays, heat protection sprays, and even your shampoo and condition should be chosen with care.

Titanium hair straighteners are durable and long lasting and some brands are sometimes expensive but are worth it because you don’t have to replace them often and most come with some type of warranty. The best titanium straightening irons aren’t the most expensive ones, however. Many affordable models are out there that do the same quality work as the higher end titanium flat irons.

Chi brand is a very popular brand in flat irons. Chi has a large selection of flat irons and offers titanium hair straightener irons in their line. Other brands that are known for their titanium straightening irons are BaByliss, Hot Tools, and HAI. Many of the choice brands can be found on Beauty Stop Online.

Next time you are in the hair care aisle at your favorite local shopping spot, look for titanium flat irons and other titanium hair care appliances. You can find many models lining the shelves and at an affordable rate. Or, you can go online, to Beauty Stop Online, and shop for your titanium flat iron. Many special prices are offered to online shoppers, so be aware of this when you are browsing. Make sure you are looking for the flat iron that is most tailored to your hair type and desired look. This will make the styling process much easier.

Titanium hair irons are a good choice for people who have trouble achieving sleek, shiny, and straight hair. Straightening is easier than ever with quality products such as the titanium hair iron. Get salon hair at home with the titanium flat iron, it’s never been so easy and so affordable! See our full selection of Titanium Flat Irons.