Using the Farouk Chi Hair Iron Effectively

When it first comes out of the box, the Farouk Chi hair iron will have a ten foot swivel cord that is used for reach. The two extra feet on the standard flat irons are an excellent addition. Remember that the professionals sometimes have to reach behind the client in order to manage the hair. Therefore the extra cord on the Farouk Chi hair iron is very much welcome. The circuit breaker on the Farouk Chi hair iron is a very important safety feature especially if the professional is working in the vicinity of water or any other conductor material.

CHI flat irons come with a 10 foot swivel cord. This may seem like a minor point, but many other flat irons come with only 8 feet of cord – and not all are swivel cords. Having that extra couple of feet can make using the CHI flat iron really easy, especially when reaching behind to straightening hair at the back. The Farouk Chi hair iron in the turbo version will use between twenty and twenty five Watts of electricity. This means that it is saving on your energy bills and saving the environment as well. The heating time for the Farouk Chi hair iron is relatively quick and in some instances a few seconds are enough to get it sufficiently heated so that you can use it. The grip on the Farouk Chi hair iron has been repeatedly praised by the professionals because it removes the risk of falling flat when it loses touch.

When it comes to the actual weight of the instrument, the Farouk Chi hair iron is very manageable and this means that even less powerful professionals can use it. There has been some criticism of the Farouk Chi hair iron to the effect that it does not have Tourmaline plates. This means that it does not really emit many negative ions. These ions are important for closing the cuticle so that the hair is silky and has moisture that has been trapped in for a luxurious look. This is just a question of performance because even without this additional material, the Farouk hair iron is a stellar addition to the repertoire for any beauty professional.

The prices of the Farouk Chi hair iron are relatively stable and virtually most salons can purchase them under the equipment budget. The only warning sign that I would add is that the merchant or the private customer has to look for the best quality if they are going for a second hand piece. They are technical instruments and you need to know what you are doing if you are going to assess their condition. It might be a good idea to go shopping with someone that has training in this background. They will be able to support you in the work that you do and hopefully you will get some excellent samples of the Farouk Chi hair iron. Otherwise this is a great item to purchase.