Your Hair Straightener Might Be Permanently Damaging Your Hair

Are high temperature hair straightener irons safe for your hair? If you are using an electronic device of any nature then there will always be a risk associated with the use. Generally it can be safe to say that the risk associated with using these products is very small. Electric hair irons have a heating module inside which will heat them up to a certain temperature. There are a number of ways that you can make sure that the high temperature hair straighteners are safe for your hair.

The first area that will be covered is to ensure that you maintain your hair iron and keep it in good condition. Always be sure to follow these simple procedures for keeping your iron in in good working order. Make sure the cord of the straightener is not damaged and is not damp, and when storing your hair straightener make sure it is not stored in a damp place, do not keep them in the bathroom. A Hair straightener can become very hot when they are on full strength so much so that you can easily burn your skin, think what this can do to your hair too.

Most electric hair straighteners will have a temperature setting switch which will regulate the heat that they give out. When you first use the flat iron make sure the heat setting is on the lowest setting, you can then build the temperature up as you need to. People’s hair is always different and reacts differently to heat, so your temperature tolerance level could well be lower than someone else’s. If you do use the straightener and the temperature is too high then you can run the risk of burning and damaging your hair. You can easily tell if you are burning your hair and the straightener is too hot. The make up of human hair is 14% Cysteine and the smell associated with burning hair is due to the sulphur compounds that are formed in the hair. If you smell a pungent smell then make sure you stop straight away and check that your hair has not burned because hair damages very easily and it will burn quickly.

If you use your iron everyday then you still run the possibility of damaging your hair. The overuse of the heat will cause problems for your hairs health, the first signs that you could be causing some damage is your hair will look very dry and you will be able to see the damage. If you do think that you have damaged your hair then consult a professional stylist or your local beauty shop for products that could help to repair the damage.

In summary overuse of a hair straightener iron on a temperature setting that is too high for your hair can cause problems. You should try to use them only maybe once or twice a week to give your hair a chance to recover and not do long term damage.